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The following information is required in order to place a Lookout on the register.  Additional information supporting the nomination is useful and will be kept in our national files.


1.  Name of Lookout:       Date:

Email:       (Email address will not be published on web.  We will send you a confirmation and our thanks for submitting the information.)

2.  Location of lookout (state, county, local, latitude and longitude):


3.  Name and address of agency/owner:

Date structure constructed:      Lookouts not yet 50 years old will be listed in the National Lookout Register.)

     By whom?  

5.  Description of structure (cab design, dimensions, height, materials):

6.  Historical Significance:


7.   Group or agency (Cooperators) that will handle restoration and maintenance (several may be listed):  

8.  Name and address of Nominator:


9.  Enclose photograph of lookout (for certificate and listing on web) (email ok).

   Suggestions for presentation of certificate and announcement of listing in registry:  

11. Attach forest map.

After the material has been reviewed, applicant will be advised if the listing is accepted or if more information is needed.  Certificates are prepared and presented at a later date.

Hints to simplify and expedite lookout nominations and presentations:

Be sure that all eleven (11) items listed above are provided.

The NOMINATOR is the individual preparing the nomination.  The COOPERATOR is the agency owning the lookout.  Frequently two cooperators are listed, the second being the group or the individuals that will restore and maintain the lookout.  Only the COOPERATOR(S) are listed on the certificate.

Certificates will be mailed to the NHLR Regional Representative for co-signing and presentation.

The goal is to list all lookouts which are on the National Register of Historic Places in the NHLR, which will build citizen support.  It is also a goal to place all rental lookouts on the NHLR.

Email applications can be accepted at

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